Reiki Healing

Reiki translated means ‘Universal Life Force’ it is a Japanese healing Technique.

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, I am qualified to teach the skills of Reiki.  Reiki 1(self-healing), Reiki 2(Reiki Practitioner) and Reiki 3(Master/Teacher).

I trained under Jane Webster, Reiki Master who trained under Jennie Austin, Reiki Master in Inverness and the Peak School of Reiki in Derbyshire.

Reiki originated in Japan by Mikao Usui who was fascinated by the stories of Jesus and his healing abilities.

Reiki considers the human body as an energy form.  Dis-ease is seen as blockages to the flow of energy through the body, by channelling Reiki it enables these blockages to be removed and re-balances the body.

Ki is the life force energy that circulates through the body.  It is called Prana in India and Chi in China.  In Japan and China, the movement of Ki is based upon intention, the concept that Ki can be regulated in the body and moved by way of mind force.

The “Ki” in “Reiki” is the life force energy and the connecting link between physical, energy and spirit bodies. Ki comes from the Heavens and the Earth, and is the enlivening force of Be-ing. Ki enters and circulates through the body. The movement of Ki is described as having a spiralling movement, and a pattern that resembles the life molecule DNA. Reiki works also by bringing Ki through the body.

As an eastern-based philosophy the body is seen as an energy form.  Dis-ease is created when these energies become blocked and prevent the flow of energy through the body.  Reiki energy is a Universal energy, Rei in Reiki means “universal”.

As a Practitioner I am attuned to this “universal” energy and channel it to the recipient, whether it is clients, plants or animals.  Treating animals shows that Reiki works universally and is not a placebo effect, as success has been seen continually over the years when working with animals and particularly when working with horses.
Regular and continuing treatments has been shown to have a beneficial effect in preventing illness recurring and in keeping the body balanced in what can often be a stressful and emotional life for many.

Reiki is not linked to any religion or special belief system and clients do not have to have a belief for the “universal” energy to be channelled to where it is required. During Reiki treatments I also may use the energy of crystals to enhance the universal energy using intuition and my psychic abilities and working with my Reiki guides to work in the best way for my clients.

The cost for a 1 hour Reiki energy healing session is £25.

♦ Natural Self Healing
♦ Relieves Pain
♦ Clears Toxins
♦ Relaxes
♦ Releases Blocked Emotions
♦ Works on all levels and does not just treat the symptoms

During treatment you lie on a couch (fully clothed) and listen to relaxing music.

Using a hands on technique as the Reiki Practitioner I follow a treatment pattern that covers the 7 main energy centre (chakras) in the body, or areas of specific pain.

Different sensations may be felt during the treatment.  You may feel tingling, heat or cold, see colours and drift off to sleep.  You may feel nothing but peaceful and relaxed while the energy goes to where it is required in the body.

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